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All Rembrandt hire suits, tuxedos, jackets, vests, pants and accessories are the genuine article, designed by New Zealand’s leading suit specialist.

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The word suit derives from the French suite, meaning
All Rembrandt hire suits, tuxedos, jackets, vests, pants and accessories are the genuine article, designed by New Zealand’s leading suit specialist.
If you’re unsure of the dress code then play it safe and match your trousers and jacket to your waistcoat. If you think there’s room to have a bit of fun, then try pairing a bright or patterned waistcoat underneath your usual suit jacket and trousers. A classic collared shirt is best, but ties are optional.
A waistcoat has a full vertical opening in the front, which fastens with buttons or snaps. Both single-breasted and double-breasted waistcoats exist, regardless of the formality of dress, but single-breasted ones are more common. In a three piece suit, the cloth used matches the jacket and trousers.
Classic Alternatives: Tasteful Personalization. The key to dressing well is to find freedom within the rules. Anyone can be completely different, since it’s easy to be outrageous.
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Suit vests for women are one of the often underestimated and key pieces to your suit. Tuxedo vests for women can take your outfit from typical to unbelievable. Our waistcoat for women is available in two colors so you can choose the perfect accent to your style.

I got my boyfriend to go to the pop-up event in Washington, DC since he has a body type that is difficult to fit. Their representatives were there to measure for him so it should have turned out a product that is as close to fitting as possible. They had a guy who worked for Indochino come and adjust the measurements so I thought it would be fine. The suit arrived and it was immediately clear that the jacket was unwearably small. We took it to our tailor anyway to make sure and he took one look at it and dismissed it as unfixable.

I had exactly the same experience at the DC Traveling Tailor event. The reps taking measurements were all one-off hires. The jacket and pants were physically uncomfortable when they arrived, and I would have been embarrassed to wear them in public. The jacket was restrictive, and the suit looked like I borrowed it from a small friend.

Sure, first-time errors can occur, but Indochino reps took the measurements. Indochino customer service asked me whether I knew about the perfect fit promise. The customer must pay for return shipping and all duties, both for remakes and returns.

If you go to a Traveling Tailor event, have a friend measure you again when you get home. In the DMV, check out J. Hilburn for much better quality custom shirts and made to measure suits and weekend wear. Voted best custom shirts by Esquire Magazine in We come to your home or office to take your measurements and show you merchandise and fabrics. We save you time and deliver a superior product on the level of Canali, Zegna or Nordstrom Private Label at a fraction of their cost. We also save you on all those alteration charges at Jos.

The only issues were the shoulders and sleeves, which turned out to be my fault, but they happily remade it anyways because of the too-wide shoulders and working sleeve buttons. Not a good look. It was just the fabric and lining at the shoulders. It looked pretty bad for a suit that was structured in all the other normal places.

I only got a straight answer after two more emails. For all I know it could have actually been acetate. My mistake for not seeing the warning signs. Honestly, I think everyone would be a lot happier with Black Lapel. The choice seems obvious to me. I am pretty sure Indochino pays people to go around and comment on various reviews and websites where negative press is effecting their brand. Their twitter account used to have 5X the followers most likely fake …I wish I would have run their account through one of those things that checks for fake followers.

My son purchased a suit from them and it arrived Jan Just received my first suit and sadly the experience matches much of your review comments. Wish I had seen this before going to the Chicago traveling tailor event. What a waste of time! He took 3 measurements and just started typing all the other measurements into his ipod. I should have known it would be a total disaster. Not even worth the effort to have it remade. Going back in the mail tomorrow morning for a full refund. The frank reality is there is no such thing as a quality custom suit made in China via internet submitted measurements.

I have traveled to Shanghai so was not surprised when I found out that is where one of their offices is located. I too questioned the profitability of getting custom suits made there shipped to the U. I had not read the comments before I posted my comment directly below but I am not surprised at all to hear all of the negative experiences … I think it is interesting that on the Indochina website they recommend against consulting with a tailor to get measurements … however after seeing how my client was ripped off I would never agree to take measurements for this company!!

I feel sorry for all of the people who got clothes they can never wear …. I have been contemplating the Indochino route. I ran into the brand when they came to me for advertising in my publication in the Bay Area. Then I take them to my tailor and Viola! Thanks for giving me the heads up.

I was just measuring my inseam, shoulders and neck last night! I feel like the majority of people who have had issues with their suits are the ones who went to their travel events. Keeping my fingers crossed.

These suits are not really custom. They put your sizes into a computer and the computer directs a machine that cuts the material. They can only cut material for current period suits. I still search EBay for vintage suits and suspenders.

Reading all these comments is interesting. Any tailor will tell you — it takes years to get tailoring and measuring right. Now if someone from Indochino fake or real could explain to me why they would turn down a professional with over 12 years in the trade???

That might be worthy of their attention. My suit came in today and it fits great. The customer service upfront was fantastic. They a nice modern look and are typically tight though the chest. They actually say it should be used for the wires for headphones. Not one of my suits has a flower hole through the jacket. Was measured by their traveling tailors. Those guys are clowns.

The waist was at least 8 inches too big. Jacket fit was horrible as well. Complete waist of time. I have wore this suit so infrequently that its not worth the price i paid for it. Lack of quality materials used as well as bad craftsmanship.

This convention only applies to single-breasted day waistcoats and not double breasted, evening, straight-hem or livery waistcoats that are all fully buttoned. Waistcoats worn with lounge suits now principally single-breasted normally match the suit in cloth, and have four to six buttons. Double breasted waistcoats are rare compared to single. As formalwear , it used to be common to wear a contrastingly coloured waistcoat, such as in buff or dove linen. This is still seen in morning dress , which requires a waistcoat.

The waistcoats worn with white- and black- tie are different from standard daytime single-breasted waistcoats, being much lower in cut with three buttons or four buttons, where all are fastened. The much larger expanse of shirt compared to a daytime waistcoat allows more variety of form, with "U" or "V" shapes possible, and there is large choice of outlines for the tips, ranging from pointed to flat or rounded.

The colour normally matches the tie, so only black barathea wool, grosgrain or satin and white marcella, grosgrain or satin are worn, although white waistcoats used to be worn with black tie in early forms of the dress.

Waiters , sometimes also waitresses, and other people working at white-tie events, to distinguish themselves from guests, sometimes wear gray tie, which consists of the dress coat of white tie a squarely cut away tailcoat with the black waistcoat and tie of black tie. The variant of the clergy cassock may be cut as a vest. It differs in style from other waistcoats in that the garment buttons to the neck and has an opening that displays the clerical collar.

In the Church of England , a particular High Church clerical vest introduced in the s was nicknamed the "M. In the Girl Scouts of the USA , vests are used as an alternative to the sash for the display of badges. In many stock exchanges , traders who engage in open outcry may wear colored sleeveless waistcoats, or trading jackets , with insignia on the back. Waistcoats, alongside bowties , are commonly worn by billiard players during a tournament. It is usually worn in snooker and blackball tournaments in the United Kingdom.

The waistcoat is one of the few articles of clothing whose origin historians can date precisely. King Charles II of England , Scotland and Ireland introduced the waistcoat as a part of correct dress after the Restoration of the British monarchy in It was derived from the Persian vests seen by English visitors to the court of Shah Abbas. He was an Englishman who had been a traveller in Persia for years.

A certain similar type of vest has also been worn by the Indians, named Bandi jacket. John Evelyn wrote about waistcoats on October 18, Samuel Pepys , the diarist and civil servant, wrote in October that "the King hath yesterday in council declared his resolution of setting a fashion for clothes which he will never alter.

It will be a vest, I know not well how". This royal decree provided the first mention of the waistcoat. Pepys records "vest" as the original term; the word "waistcoat" derives from the cutting of the coat at waist-level, since at the time of the coining, tailors cut men's formal coats well below the waist see dress coat.

I couldn't be more disappointed. My son thought it looked "cool" and XL Chest 48" Color: My son wanted a vest and tie combo for Prom that was different from the same old stuff everybody expected to get from the tux rental companies.

When this set arrived from Amazon, we knew we had found just what we were looking for! The purple and green paisley jaquard weave had gorgeous colors and amazing quality. My son thought it looked "cool" and it was clear all the girls loved his look!

Only word of caution is about sizing: One person found this helpful. Get a size bigger. Okay so it runs small. Maybe get a size bigger. I got a 5x and couldn't close the vest at all. But I still received many compliments on it. The material is well made and looks fabulous! I bought both M and L sizes for my son as he is on the boarder of the two sizes. If you are unsure which size- the return policy is fantastic, so do not worry.

My son fit the M and we didn't even need to open the L size to try on. We return the L were promptly refunded. L Chest 46" Color: I wore this to my daughters wedding with a black suit. Very happy with this purchase. See all 79 reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Published 3 days ago. Published 7 days ago. Published 11 days ago. Published 12 days ago. Published 15 days ago. Published 19 days ago. Published 21 days ago.

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Suitsupply Waistcoat: Our tailored waistcoats are ideal to complement your style. Italian fabrics, impeccable slim fit—just a few reasons you should check out our latest arrivals! Free shipping and free returns on Try our Suit Finder. Not Dressing Men. If you’re unsure of the dress code then play it safe and match your trousers and jacket to your waistcoat. If you think there’s room to have a bit of fun, then try pairing a bright or patterned waistcoat underneath your usual suit jacket and trousers. A classic collared shirt is best, but ties are optional. A traditional waistcoat, to be worn with a two-piece suit or separate jacket and trousers. A waistcoat (/ ˈ w ɛ s k ə t / or / ˈ w eɪ s t k oʊ t / ; colloquially called a weskit, derived from the French veste [1]) is a sleeveless upper-body garment.